Vaginoplasty is often mistaken for a strictly cosmetic procedure. In reality, vaginoplasty can be used as an effective means of treating problematic medical conditions affecting a patient’s reproductive and urinary health.

The conditions treated by vaginoplasty range from acquired medical conditions like vaginal laxity and trauma (often resulting from vaginal childbirth and natural aging processes) to congenital vaginal defects present from birth or youth.

Examples of congenital defects include vaginal atresia (an abnormal closure or absence of the vagina), vaginal agenesis (an undeveloped or partially developed vagina, seen in syndromes like Rokitansky syndrome), and intersex conditions like gonadal dysgenesis, androgen insensitivity syndrome, or congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Congenital defects can impact your sexual relationships and mental wellbeing, in addition to the medical problems they pose.

Acquired medical conditions may arise as a result of vaginal prolapse or weakness of the pelvic floor (including bladder and urinary issues), extensive surgery for pelvic abscesses or tumors that result in exenteration, physical trauma, and vaginal laxness from trauma, childbirth, or aging. Performing Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor can help stave off mild vaginal laxity, but vaginoplasty is often needed to correct cases of extreme laxity.

How Patients can Benefit from Vaginoplasty

Patients who elect to have vaginoplasty performed on their vagina can experience a number of benefits from the procedure.

For those with congenital defects, vaginoplasty can address problematic and painful complications while enabling women to have a fully-functioning vagina and to experience greater sexual confidence and satisfaction.

For patients with acquired medical conditions, vaginoplasty can allow them to restore their normal urinary functions, regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence, and alleviate their symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Whatever medical concerns you may have that are causing you to consider undergoing vaginoplasty, you are not alone. Seek out the guidance of a medical professional to determine if vaginoplasty or similar procedures are the right treatment path for you.

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