Designed to increase a woman’s ability to experience orgasms and overall physical sexual pleasure, the O-Shot is an incredibly effective treatment for millions of women experiencing difficulties in the bedroom. And while we’ve covered a bit of information about the O-Shot before, we thought we might take the opportunity to address several additional common questions that many of our patients have regarding this revolutionary procedure.

The O-Shot: What You Need to Know

Q: Is the O-Shot safe?

Because the O-Shot is a platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP) and because of the nature of PRP injections (which involve injecting the patient’s own plasma back into the treated site of injection), the O-Shot is perfectly safe. Your body will react naturally to an injection made from your own plasma.

Q: How long does it take to receive an O-Shot?

When you visit our office for an O-Shot appointment, the visit in its entirety shouldn’t take longer than an hour. Appointments consist of patient preparation and processing the patient’s blood within a centrifuge in order to extract the plasma, which can then be injected into the desired area.

Q: Is the O-Shot FDA-approved?

While the O-Shot and other PRP injections are not FDA-approved, they are well-known and well-documented techniques used in a variety of fields for their remarkable effectiveness. PRP injections are neither approved nor forbidden by the FDA, as PRP injections consist of the patient’s own plasma rather than a drug. However, the FDA has approved PRP harvesting kits, which are used in the O-Shot procedure.

Q: Can the O-Shot help with my urinary incontinence?

A large number of women have seen noticeable improvement if not eradication of urinary incontinence related to urge or stress. In conjunction with pelvic floor exercises, the O-Shot can cause significant improvement in regards to urinary incontinence.

Q: Have there been any research or studies conducted on the O-Shot?

The Journal of Women’s Healthcare published an article on the O-Shot and its potential for helping women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

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