tropical-beach-1149937_640-595x400Undergoing labiaplasty surgery is an extremely personal decision, but once you’ve decided that the procedure is right for you, you may have some questions about what recovery from labiaplasty will be like. Fortunately, labiaplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure; both the surgery itself and the recovery period take a minimal amount of time compared to more invasive or involved surgeries. To keep you reassured through every step of the way, we’ve prepared this list of 5 things you should keep in mind for your recovery from labiaplasty surgery.

Some Mild Pain After Surgery

The labiaplasty surgery will be performed with anesthesia, and you will feel little to no discomfort, but some mild post-op pain will most likely occur. It is surgery after all, and operating on a sensitive area like the labia will cause some discomfort. You will be given medication to help with your symptoms after your surgery, which you should take as instructed by your surgeon.

Swelling and Bruising Are Normal

It is perfectly normal—and almost guaranteed—that you will have swelling and/or bruising for a few weeks after surgery. If you experience discomfort while urinating, you can ease the pain either by urinating in the shower or by running warm water over the affected area as you pee. Additionally, icing the affected area can help reduce swelling (don’t apply directly to the skin—use cloth coverings). One side is always more swollen than the other.

Clothing & Feminine Hygiene

In order to minimize discomfort, you should wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing. Tighter clothing can result in rubbing, which will hurt and prolong recovery. Additionally, avoid using tampons during recovery. Make use of pads and liners until your doctor indicates otherwise.

Abstain from Sex

Yes, we know, you’re devastated. For six weeks following your surgery, you must, must, MUST abstain from sexual intercourse. After this time has passed, you may resume sexual activity as comfort permits, but consult with your doctor to be safe.

Final Tips

While patients can usually return to work in as little as 2 to 5 days, the full recovery and results of your labiaplasty surgery won’t be complete until four to six months afterwards. Be patient, follow all your surgeon’s instructions, and you will be pleased with the results!