The Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas is proud to offer quality, individualized care that spans the course of a woman’s life from adolescence to menopause and beyond. At the institute, we know that health and beauty begin within and the best medical care begins with education and communication. The institute’s staff works together as a team sharing their knowledge to inspire vibrancy, longevity and strength for every woman.


Dr. Brady’s services include routine well-woman exams, bioidentical hormone therapy for menopausal management, cancer screenings, cervical cancer vaccinations, medical treatment of fibroids and endometriosis, STD screening and contraceptive counseling, among others. At the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, you’ll find the cutting-edge of gynecologic procedures including:


The NovaSure endometrial ablation for heavy periods is a ninety second, in office procedure designed to eliminate or greatly reduce monthly flow. This is a safe, quick option for women who wish to avoid hormones or hysterectomy.


The Thermachoice endometrial ablation is an effective, nonhormonal permanent treatment for heavy periods. It involves a minimally invasive, 8 minute procedure that can be performed in office.


The Essure procedure is an in-office, hormone free method of permanent sterilization that is covered by most insurance plans. ESSURE does not involve incisions into the body and has been chosen by tens of thousands of women.